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Thai Green Curry

Posted on 2005/02/16 09:28:29 (February 2005).

[Wednesday 15th February]
It was a bit of a crazy day at work - to cut a long story short I was trying to test a system involving four or five separate units, and every single one of them, was at some time or other being used by somebody else for testing an entirely different system, which made what I had to do nigh-on impossible. To top it all off the router, which was the crux of the whole test rig, was, without any warning, shipped off to Germany around 4 o' clock. I just gave up at this point. I noted with some satisfaction that I just had a month left of my notice period now.
Anywho, after work me and Chie went to the supermarket, and decided whilst there to make Thai Green Curry for dinner. We put quite a lot in it - garlic, ginger, green chillis, green curry paste, atsuage, mushrooms, carrots, runner beans, red peppers, tenderstem broccoli and of course plenty of coconut milk. This came out rather well, although in all honesty I wasn't totally convinced about the Jerusalem artichoke Chie was pretty insistent on adding. This was served with Thai sticky rice which we'd bought from a delicatessen a while back, and was also very nice indeed.

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