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One of those days

Posted on 2005/02/01 22:33:18 (February 2005).

[Tuesday 1st February]
Today started off looking fairly reasonable, with the exception of Chie being a bit unwell, but as the morning wore on and the afternoon took hold it began to spiral downwards into a crappy day of fairly epic proportions. I had become very annoyed on hearing about a new home office ruling (see here) that would mean as of today me and Chie would have to pay 135 pounds for a special "certificate of approval" in order to get married. This by itself I could have just about dealt with, but when combined with a project at work going rather badly (everything falling apart at the customer's site), and the final straw - the estate agents phoning out of the blue to suggest increasing my rent - I was dangerously close to losing my temper.
After the peak of sheer hatefulness this Tuesday had achieved around 4:30, things did start to cool off and improve. The work related stuff seemed to sort itself out - as is usually the case with these things, and the rent issue was resolved following a nice chat with my landlady. Chie seemed to have got better by the time I got home, and so I was just left with a general feeling of malice towards the home office, which I decided quite wisely to shelve as a battle for another day. Had a slightly strange dinner - these Quorn fillet thingies, with some ratatouille, and boiled potatoes in soy sauce and better.

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