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Channel Four

Posted on 2005/01/28 10:14:04 (January 2005).

[Wednesday 26th January]
I was sent off to work at Channel Four today, which was something of a challenge as naturally after the previous evening's revelling I had something of a hangover. As they go (for me) it was a pretty minor one - and I was grateful of the wisdom of just sticking to whisky, and not supplementing this with a glass or two of wine, a can of beer, etc... The highlight of the visit to Channel Four was lunch - the guy who works on the till in the canteen is quite superbly camp, and really ought to be on TV. My lunch came to four pounds and ten pence or something like that, so I handed him a tenner initially, and then asked if the ten pence would help, to which he repiled "You'd make an old queen very happy love." Excellent work - if only all people who worked on tills were as entertaining as this.
On the way back home I decided to get off at Maidenhead so I could go the rest of the way back with Chie by car. We picked up a pizza at a new pizza place we hadn't been to before (called Fat Mama's or something like that - and it was rather good), and spent the rest of the evening being extremely lazy guzzling pizza and watching telly. We watched some of a film (The Wisdom of Crocodiles?) that Chie had recorded a while back. I was really knackered so went to bed pretty early.

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