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Shopping for Burns Night

Posted on 2005/01/21 10:08:43 (January 2005).

[Thursday 20th January]
To be on the safe side, I decided we ought to do the shopping for my forthcoming Burns Night (Tuesday 25th) a few days early, to make absolutely sure we could get the essentials (haggis, etc). This was a good excuse to go to Waitrose - Chie is always a bit reluctant for financial reasons, but given a choice I would shop there more or less every time. I started to formulate a menu for the Burns Supper - obviously haggis, neaps and tatties as the centrepiece, but I'm keen to make the whole thing as Scottish as possible from start to finish. So I'm toying with the idea of a Scotch Broth as a starter, although a vegetarian version (i.e. no lamb) will present an interesting culinary challenge. For dessert, I have a very nice jar of raspberries preserved in a kind of whisky syrup - a Christmas present from my uncle, which I thought, with the addition of a few Scottish extras could make a very nice and simple dish. So all I'm short of is some interesting nibbles and that ought to do it. Of course, I'm now faced with the ardurous task over the next couple of days of choosing a whisky to go with each course, which will no doubt require at least one lengthy tasting session, but I'm pretty sure I can struggle through this wholly undesirable chore for the sake of being a good host, etc.

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