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Drinks with the Boys

Posted on 2005/01/21 09:48:13 (January 2005).

[Wednesday 19th January]
Went for a few drinks with some of my "co-workers" as they say in America. It was a pretty standard evening in format (Nando's followed by pub), but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Went for "hot" in Nando's, which I was really quite surprised by - I thought I was used to pretty hot food, and in a chain like this it was never going to be particularly hot. But actually, it is really quite hot. I made a mental note not to bother trying "extra hot" at any point in the future. Somehow by the end of the evening I ended up inexplicably really quite drunk, and don't remember a huge amount about getting home, or subsequently being at home - I think Chie has suggested this may have been one of those falling asleep with your clothes on sorts of incidents. Bizarre really, as I don't recall drinking that much, but still, sometimes it just seems to get you that way. Felt a bit rough the next morning, but as my hangovers go this was barely noticeable - I felt almost entirely better by about 9:30.

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