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Korean and Japanese Food

Posted on 2005/01/11 13:07:41 (January 2005).

[Monday 10th January]
Had a meal involving more of the things we'd bought on Saturday's Korean shopping trip. It was sort of half way between Japanese and Korean - more Japanese in style, but using lots of Korean ingredients. I particularly enjoyed the Korean inari - the come with a little sachet of flakey bits (sesame seeds etc) to mix in with the rice which gives a bit more flavour. Also had some ha-wasabi (pickled wasabi leaves) which Chie's mum had sent a while back, and I didn't even realise we had. I absolutely love ha-wasabi, one of my absolute favourite things in Japanese food. Finished off the Korean fresh tofu which was pleasingly very good to eat raw, and one to bear in mind as it seems to be quite a bit cheaper than the usual Japanese version we buy. Ate quite a bit of Korean nori, which is a lot saltier and oiler than the Japanese one, so feels very bad for you, but is at the same time quite indescribably delicious. All in all very nice.

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