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A Drive in the Country

Posted on 2005/01/09 23:19:37 (January 2005).

[Sunday 9th January]
Having had a long day the day before, we got up pretty late - getting on for midday in fact. Had some Korean instant noodles for breakfast/lunch. I'd decided we ought to go for a walk somewhere. Last time my Dad was here he'd mentioned Inkpen Hill as being quite nice, so we got in the car and drove off in that direction. Predictably it started raining on route, and was also pretty cold and windy, so when we got to Inkpen Hill we weren't overly keen on getting out the car. We meandered back by way of Hungerford, where we stopped for a cream tea (although I rather controversially had a Ploughman's) at a little tearoom.
Had kimchi nabe for dinner, using some of the bits and pieces of Korean food purchased yesterday. It was very nice indeed, particularly accompanied by some OB (Korean Beer, which I'd also bought yesterday). Spent the remainder of the evening looking on the web for a nice place to visit next weekend.

Chie very wisely declined the offer to get out of the car into the wind and rain atop Inkpen Hill.

Our kimchi nabe.

Let us not forget the unbridled joy of OB.

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