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Shopping and Ballet

Posted on 2004/12/28 09:30:47 (December 2004).

[Monday 27th December]
Mum and Keith headed off after breakfast in the morning, and me and Chie headed into London for the day. Chie wanted to do the sales, so we spent most of the daytime in either Harvey Nichols or Selfridge's. Harvery Nichol's comes with the benefit of a rather nice bar on the fifth floor, so much to everyone's satisfaction I was deposited there whilst Chie did a thorough scouring of the four floors below.
We had an early dinner at Loon Fung in Chinatown - just about caught the end of the Dim Sum orders (although only had one Dim Sum) and had a sort of tofu feast, plus some ho fun noodles. We drank Shaoshing (Chinese rice wine, which tasted a bit like Bovril). After this we meandered over to Covent Garden as we'd managed to get tickets for the ballet - Cinderella at The Royal Opera House. I'm still not sure if I really like ballet that much, but this particuar performance was greatly improved by some sake I managed to smuggle into the auditorium.

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