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Christmas Shopping in London

Posted on 2004/12/19 24:50:29 (December 2004).

[Saturday 18th December]
Having not really started my Christmas shopping in earnest yet, it occurred to me that this would probably be my last chance to make a decent go of it, so I decided to brave the crowds and head into London. Chie came along too, but naturally was required to go off and do her own thing for significant chunks of the afternoon. Shopping went reasonably well actually - I think I managed to find something for most of my family (with significant help from Chie's keen shopping instincts), plus I got a couple of things for Chie that I am quietly confident she'll be very pleased with. Amazingly I bumped into Rob and Kate towards the end of the afternoon, which was really excellent, especially given that we also had time to go for a quick drink and a chat.
Around 6ish I met up with Chie again, and then a little later on Akino joined us for dinner. We went to Kulu Kulu for dinner - the conveyor belt sushi place in Soho, and I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised. It was my first time in a conveyor belt sushi place, and I found it really fun, plus even Chie agreed the food was actually of very good quality. Took a few pictures while we were there. After dinner we popped into a little Turkish cafe a few doors down from Kulu Kulu for some Turkish coffee, some Baklava, and some rather excellent lemon pistachio nuts (which we'd been trying to find for years). We rounded off the evening with a quick drink in the Mad Bishop and Bear in Paddington before getting on a train and heading home.

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