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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Posted on 2004/11/29 11:05:45 (November 2004).

[Sunday 28th November]
Had a foody sort of day. Got up late and had toasted muffins for breakfast. Lolled about for a bit and then decided to pop to Waitrose to buy a few odds and ends. At Chie's request we also popped into Lidl but reassuringly even budget concious Chie found it far too pikey to actually buy anything. On arriving back home, had tea and scones, then set about tidying up the kitchen in preparation for a bit of a cooking marathon. For the first time in ages I made my own pastry, and with it made a sort of Quorn and mushroom pie, plus some mince pies. Chie made some kabocha (pumpkin) soup, and I also did a few roast potatoes and some vegetables. All very nice, although I did somehow seem to give myself a bit of a stomach ache in the process (maybe still a hangover of that dodgy rice from Thursday!).

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Hi there - did you get my email?

Posted by Michelle at 2004/12/02 19:56:11.

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