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Posted on 2004/11/18 10:12:11 (November 2004).

[Wednesday 17th November]
Popped out to the local supermarket when Chie got back from work and bought an odd selection of items - an apple crumble, some cabbage and some orange juice. Had a strange sort of dinner accordingly. I occasionally get this bizarre hankering for raw cabbage with soy sauce, which formed today's starter. My Dad used to make it when I was little so I guess it has some kind of psychological significance or something. For main course we cooked a pan of spaghetti and ate it one little bowl at a time with a variety of different experimental sauces. I started off with olive oil and soy sauce (I'd had this before in Japan with those cold noodles that are a bit like spaghetti), and Chie then made something involving mayonnaise which I wasn't too sure about. We then got out the jar of salsa truffina (made of truffles and black olives, half way between a pate and a sauce) that has been hanging around in the fridge since Lorenzo was here over a month ago (one of those: once opened, consumed within three days). This was very nice actually. We finished up with a more conventional tomato and olive sauce.
Had a couple of whiskies after dinner - first off a Caol Ila, which seems to just get better and better every time I drink it. Then after that my most recent aquisition - the Fortnum and Mason's 21 year old Port Ellen. This is just spectacular, despite the fact it probably costs about a pound a sip!

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