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Beacon Hill

Posted on 2004/11/16 09:12:05 (November 2004).

[Sunday 14th November]
Me and Chie decided it would be nice to go for a little drive and then a walk. So I looked on the map, and decided to head for Beacon Hill, south of Newbury, to see what it is like. I drove both ways for a change. En route, some animal ran across the road (which I luckily avoided) I wasn't sure what it was to be honest - it was too small for a deer, but too big for a badger. Research since then seems to suggest it was in fact a Montjac deer, imported from China, which amazingly I had neither seen nor heard of before, despite apparently being apparently quite common here now. I put this down to the fact that most of my previous experience of British wildlife had been in South Wales, where it is probably a bit on the hilly side for the short-legged Montjac.
Anyway, it was quite nice on Beacon Hill actually, despite being right next to the A34. We didn't stay long, and on the way back I was a tad peckish, so decided to try and find a nice little country pub for a bite to eat. We meandered into a little village called Ecchinswell, and popped into the Royal Oak there. It was very much a "locals" sort of pub, not particularly olde worlde or anything but I guess it filled our basic requirements, so I mustn't grumble.

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