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Posted on 2004/11/09 09:44:18 (November 2004).

[Saturday 6th November]
Had an exceedingly busy day. Was out of the house before 9 and headed into London. Spent the morning in a Japanese career forum held at the Olympia, at which I drank quite a lot of tea, and had a very nice conversation with Reinasan, another atendee, whilst Chie was in a seminar. Left around midday and headed back to the centre.
Met Arakisan and Han, as well as Han's wife, at Covent Garden around 1ish, and went to my favourite Mexican - Cafe Pacifico - for lunch. I really enjoyed the food there, as always, and I think (hopefully!) my guests did too. After this we popped to Fortnum and Masons for a bit of essential omiyage (souvenir) shopping - including a must-have bottle of Fortnum and Mason's Port Ellen 21 year old for me. We then took a somewhat elongated and over complicated route by bus and taxi to get to one of my favourite pubs of all time - The Cittie of Yorke, wherein we enjoyed a selection of beers, and the girls supped on mulled wine. We rounded off the afternoon in style at the Whisky Society, and got theough a fair few single malts. I started Arakisan off with a Laphroaig, and I had my first taste of Yoishi, which was very good indeed, taking characteristics from almost all the Scottish styles. Chie had a very promising young Arran. The real stars of the show for me were two Caol Ilas - an 11 year old and a 14 year old. Both were brimming with aroma, very maritime noses, one even reminded me of prawn cocktail crisps(!). We finished off with a very respectable Glenlivet and a Macallan, just so as not to have shown too much of a bias to Islay.
After leaving the Whisky Society, and saying our goodbyes to Arakisan et al, we headed back toward home, as we had yet another engagement - David's fireworks party. Got there in time for the second "barrage", as they put it, and celebrated by cracking open my new bottle of Port Ellen, which, I have to say, I am extremely pleased with. Despite my extremely busy day, at the end of quite a busy week, I seemed to be full of energy, and stayed at David's until getting on for three (having bundled Chie in a taxi earlier, under slight duress). All in all a great day. Busy, but great.

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