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The Bell at Aldworth

Posted on 2004/11/03 09:17:04 (November 2004).

[Tuesday 2nd November]
I've had a hankering for a while now to go and visit a pub I've heard a lot about (The Bell at Aldworth). So, tonight we had a quick dinner (spaghetti) when Chie got home, and then got in the car, picked up Kev en route, and went off down some dark country lanes to find it. I've never driven at night before, and for some strange reason Kev and Chie were shaking when we arrived. I can't think why. Anywho, this is a downright tremendous little pub, beautifully unspoilt, lovely exterior and interior, and also a really nice atmosphere. I can't actually remember the name of the beer I drank (just asked for the same as whatever Kev ordered), but that was a very good pint too. All in all a simply heavenly pub, and I think the hair-raising drive down dark country lanes on the way there only added to the experience. We were, however, keen not to overdo all that excitement, and Chie drove on the way back.

Comment 1

Fantastic pub, but this definitely qualifies as "Scariest night Ever"

Posted by Kev at 2004/11/04 13:56:10.

Comment 2

Oh come on, it wasn't that bad was it? Plus, like I say, didn't the overwhelming sense of fear on the way there just add to the sense of achievement upon arriving?

Posted by John at 2004/11/05 13:57:10.

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