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Dim Sum

Posted on 2004/10/27 13:50:59 (October 2004).

[Saturday 23rd October]
I was utterly determined not to have a hangover this morning, and unusually somehow this determination paid off - I woke up feeling pretty much fine. We left the flat unusually early for us on a Saturday (about 10am) to go and wave off a friend of Chie's who had been in England for a couple of days.
After that we did a bit of shopping, and then I decided I was hungry, so we ought to find somewhere for lunch. Having had a craving for something noodley, we wandered into China Palace, which I'm sure was called something different last time I went. We went for the dim sum menu, which for the large part suited Chie better than me as typically dim sum is very meaty/fishy. We did manage to find one or two vegetarian things though, including some rather delicious "home made" cheung fun (I think they were called that) - these little (rice?) flour dumplings with a very tasty dipping sauce. This was accompanied by a very nice plate of ho fun - those lovely wide flat noodles - with vegetables in black bean sauce. All washed down with some very nice chinese tea. I don't know exactly why but somehow I just felt amazingly contented during that lunch with Chie, it was the nicest hour or so I've spent for weeks.
Didn't do much for the rest of the day, just went back home and skulked about the house really.

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