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Driving to Abergavenny

Posted on 2004/10/18 20:12:56 (October 2004).

[Saturday 16th October]
I was really determined to get in some driving practice in Chie's car today, so decided I would try rather ambitiously to drive to Abergavenny, where my grandmother lives. I was very pleased with myself - we took a rather long route, to avoid the motorway, but I drove the entire way myself, right from door to door. I felt a tremendous sense of achievement with actually being able to do something useful in a car (i.e. get somewhere I actually wanted to go to) rather than just practising silly maneouvres over and over again. We went on the A40, which meant en route we could schedule in a stop at Burford in the Cotswolds for a rather nice afternoon tea (which we actually had at lunchtime).
My brother Adrian, plus Liz and the kids, were visiting Vera during the afternoon as well, and I was particularly pleased I managed to get there in time to see them as well. After Adrian and Liz left, we had a quick drink in the Hen and Chickens, and then ate a rather nice meal (pilaf for me, lamb for the meat eaters) back at Vera and Robin's house.

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