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Birmingham and Derby

Posted on 2004/10/03 18:38:12 (October 2004).

Mum and Keith at the New Water Margin in Derby. [Saturday 2nd October]
We had arranged to go up and see my Mum this weekend, but as she was at an exhibition Saturday daytime, we decided to go up Saturday afternoon, rather than the usual frantic rush on Friday night. Given that, in theory, we had all this time to play with, we decided to make a bit of a day out of the journey and stop off somewhere on the way. After some discussion we chose Birmingham, as we wanted to see what the new Bullring Centre was like. Unfortunately as I suffered a bit from a hangover, we didn't really end up with as much time there as we should have had. Still, we did get a chance to have a good wander round the Selfridge's store there, which I have to admit I quite liked. Obviously not as big as the one in London, but a very respectable effort nonetheless. As for the rest of the shopping centre, well, to a certain extent it was a lot like any other shopping centre, but the Selfridge's at least made it worth a visit.
We left the Bullring around 6:30 and headed off along the A38 for a complicated rendez-vous with Mum and Keith just outside of Derby. From there we went to a restaurant called the New Water Margin, somewhere in Derby, which I think all of us agreed was very good indeed. We finally got to my Mum's house sometime after 10, by which point both Chie and I were pretty knackered.

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