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Bank Holiday

Posted on 2004/08/31 14:55:42 (August 2004).

[Monday 30th August]
We wanted to take advantage of the bank holiday and go out for the day somewhere, but predictably overslept and then decided it was too late to do anything. Instead, we decided to go to Chie's health club to use the swimming pool, sauna etc, which was quite nice. Strangely bumped into Rob and Pete after leaving the helath club, on their way to the tip...?! We had Chinese food for dinner at one of those all you can eat type places, which was actually quite nice. In the evening we watched the new Poirot film, well, I say we, Chie slept through a large part of it. To be honest I wasn't that impressed really. I think I may be turning into my Grandmother, as I spent more of the time trying to work out where it was being filmed than I did actually paying attention to what was going on.

Comment 1

It was cool to see you, if a bit random but cool nonetheless. I can't get my head round the fact you went to a health club! Madness.

Posted by Rob Lang at 2004/09/03 14:38:03.

Comment 2

It was only to use the swimming pool, I promise... no rowing machines for me!

Posted by John at 2004/09/05 13:42:40.

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