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Posted on 2004/08/26 20:53:30 (August 2004).

[Wednesday 25th August]
Spent the daytime at a conference in Toulouse. Didn't enjoy it a great deal to be honest. With the possible exception of lunch that is, where I met a very interesting guy from New Zealand who taught me a new phrase: "Number 8 Wire", which is apparently New Zealander speak for all things thrown together out of whatever comes to hand (Number 8 wire being the wire most commonly used in livestock fences). I plan to work it into conversations over the coming weeks as much as possible.
Left the conference immediately after the last talk and headed straight to the airport, hoping I might be able to get an earlier flight back than the one I was booked on. Predicatbly, the only other flight I could have got on left a minute before I arrived at the airport, and I subsequently had to spend five dreary hours (or so) hanging around waiting for my original flight, which was of course delayed as well. The delay meant that when I finally got back to Gatwick, I had missed my last train. All was not lost though, Chie (bless her) had come to meet me, and we decided to say sod it to the expense and check into Le Meridien, which made for a surprisingly nice end to the day.

Another picture in the bar at Le Meridien:

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