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Visiting my Brother

Posted on 2004/06/06 24:25:40 (June 2004).

[Saturday 5th June] Decided to pop over and visit my brother and his family. The kids were both lovely as ever. Didn't stay long - I got there about 3 and left about 6ish. Felt generally a bit miserable all day, probably largely down to missing Chie. I couldn't help but think about Kana (Chie's sister) a lot as well. I have kept really busy since I came back from Japan, and this was probably one of the first quiet days I've had, which naturally caused me to think a lot more than usual.
At my brother's house, there was a toy - a duck with a bell in it - which I'd brought back from Japan to give to my nephew, not long after he was born. The day I bought it, Chie was busy doing something or other, so I'd actually gone to the department store with Kana, Chie's sister, instead. Kana helped me chose it - we had to talk to the shop assistants quite a bit to find something that was suitable for my nephew's age, and Kana did all of this for me. I remember we both had a good play with all the candidate toys first. We spent quite a while in the shop, and it was a really nice time.
Looking at the duck now made me quite sad though, I guess I hadn't expected to be reminded of Kana in my brother's house, a place she has never visited. On the other hand, trying to think positively, both William and Katie (my nephew and niece) really love that toy, so it is heart warming to think Kana has had an effect on people she never actually met.
Made a kind of stir fry for dinner, tofu and vegetables in black bean sauce with Singapore noodles. It tasted really nice, but somehow or other gave me quite a bad stomach ache. I seem to be suffering a lot with this recently.

Comment 1

My deepest sympathies. I've found that the people I've known (family) who've passed on, never really leave me. Don't know about LAD or religious views, just that they live on inside the old tete.

The tummy probs are probably down to the continuous imbibement of Ethyl Alcohol - sorry. Love the stuff myself, but it does have deleterious effects... :)

Take care.

Posted by Peter at 2004/06/07 09:26:08.

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