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Winchester and Spirited Away

Posted on 2004/05/09 13:53:21 (May 2004).

[Saturday 8th May] We were determined to go out for the day somwhere, but to start with had no real ideas of what we could do. It wasn't until gone 2pm that we finally made up our minds to go to Winchester. This seems to be a common pattern of weekends for us - wasting half the day being indecisive about where to go. Still though, Winchester is not that far, we got there pretty quickly and actually had a very nice time. Whilst there we had very nice afternoon tea in the Forte Tearooms, followed by a quick look at the famous round table in the Great Hall, and then a quick wander around the rather spectacular Winchester Cathedral. We were probably only there about two and a half hours in total, but really enjoyed it nonetheless. I made a mental note that Winchester might be a potential venue for a future pub crawl - lots of nice old buildings, which I was quietly convinced must house some lovely old pubs.
On the way back we stopped off at a supermarket - Safeway as it happens - to buy some odds and ends for dinner. We wanted to eat Chinese food, and I was surprised at just how bad Safeway was for this kind of thing.
In the evening we watched Spirited Away, I'd bought Chie the DVD for her birthday. Neither of us had seen it before. I really enjoyed it - it was a bit weird and random in places, no, in fact it was totally weird and random the whole way through... but it had a dream like quality about it that was very absorbing and made for an hour or two of brilliant escapism.

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