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Posted on 2004/03/05 13:32:01 (March 2004).

[Thursday 4th March] In the daytime I was in London having a meeting with my supervisor. Rather than get the train all the way in, Chie suggested I go with her in the car in the morning on her way into work, and then get the train from there instead. So I suppose it was the first time for me to experience Chie's journey into work. Anyway, after my day in London I met Chie again after work, whereupon we went to an Italian Delicatessen near her office. It's like an Aladdin's cave - really fantastic. Understandably I couldn't resist the temptation to stock up on all the usual essentials - pasta, olive oil, olives etc. Also bought some very nice Italian bread, and a bottle of a wine called San Lorenzo, which I'd had previously at my local Italian restaurant. We then proceeded home and had, not surprisingly, pasta for dinner, with olives and a couple of glasses of wine. Very nice.

Comment 1

Bread! Like Lox's bread?

Posted by Rob Lang at 2004/03/09 10:48:02.

Comment 2

I'm really impressed!

Posted by Salma at 2007/06/03 12:09:17.

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