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Where Did February Go?

Posted on 2004/02/29 17:19:03 (February 2004).

Ok, so as I and everyone else predicted, I didn't keep up with writing an entry every day. So, given as it's the last day of the month, I'm going to write a summary of the last couple of weeks or so, and then maybe I can start afresh in March. So, er, interesting parts of February...
- On the family tree front, I got as far as my great great great great grandfather - George Henry Hawkins. Since then it's pretty much ground to a halt really. There doesn't seem to be anything else I can discover from the resources available on the internet, so to proceed further is going to require spending a fair amount of money and/or making some trips to records offices and so on around the country. Either way a lot more free time is needed, which I just don't have because...
- I've started a serious offensive on getting that PhD thesis of mine finished. I'm deeply cautious about trying to predict a date of completion, as whenever I've done this in the past I've ended up not meeting it, and after a few iterations of this process it becomes very disheartening. I would absolutely love to be able to graduate this summer. This isn't technically impossible, so who knows...
- Met up with Simon the day before yesterday, who is now back in England, and superbly living very close by. Looking forward to a bit of a Radstock revival over the coming weeks.
- The other Simon (the one from work) held a Monty Python night last Tuesday, with the obvious beer and junk food thrown in. Watched The Life of Brian and The Holy Grail, both of which I haven't seen in ages. Marvellous.
- Have started to plan my birthday outing, and for once, not left it until the last minute. The current plan is a tour of pubs around Windsor/Eton, and quite a lot of people have already expressed an interest... Ought to be a good one, especially as being in Windsor should provide a fairly cast iron guarantee that no part of the event will take place in bloody Streatley (see last year's outing for details).
- Yesterday I bought a BIG monitor. We're talking 19 inches here. OK, so it's not TFT or anything flashy like that, just old fashioned CRT, and it's probably not the best quality display ever, but it's massively better for writing the thesis with, and just general use, and it only cost 129 quid brand new. My previous monitor was something rather pathetic like 14 inch, and was about six years old, so it seems like a replacement was long overdue.
- Other than that I can't think of a great deal to report.

Comment 1

So John, I have to ask being a newbie in these parts ... What's the PHD in? (or "About", "Of" - insert/delete as necessary)

Posted by Nigel at 2004/03/01 13:11:35.

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