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Do I really like curry...?

Posted on 2004/01/31 24:52:59 (January 2004).

[Friday 30th January] Kayochan, a friend of Chie's, came round for a curry (of the takeaway variety) and a few drinks. The pair of them stayed up quite late, but I was falling asleep by about 1AM. Recently I don't seem to be able to stay up late at all - maybe it's partly just that I've got into a routine, what with work and everything. Although New Year's Eve was an exception of course (I managed an astounding 5AM).
Increasingly I'm not sure if I actually like curry or not. I eat it pretty regularly, but am more often than not really disappointed. Part of the problem is the horrible bloated feeling I seem to get after about three mouthfuls - I'm not sure if this is down to the oil, or down to the spices. The other negative factor is that no matter what dish I order in a restaurant or takeaway, it always seems to taste basically the same. If I order a selection of different dishes, I struggle to tell which is which. Ironically, actually find curry to be quite bland in a sense - all spice and no real flavour.
Having said all of that, whenever I make a curry for myself, I usually really enjoy it. My creamy madras recipe never ceases to please me - without wanting to blow my own trumpet (although I'm blatantly going to) it really feels like leagues apart from the sort of uninspired mush I usually get in restaurants and takeaways. Perhaps my tastes are just very different to the bulk of the curry buying public.

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