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Dad and Family Tree

Posted on 2004/01/26 13:27:26 (January 2004).

[Thursday 22nd January] My Dad came to stay today, which was great as it was my first opportunity to share my family tree findings with somebody who was actually interested (!). He'd brought with him an old family picture, of my great grandfather, his parents, and some of his brothers and sisters. We spent ages trying to work out who was who which was really hard work, as I'd only met one of them (my great grandfather) and my Dad had only met one or two more than that. I think we came to something of a consensus in the end, and the results are here - at the bottom of the page in the photo section. This picture has been hanging on the wall of my Dad's house for years, and we'd never really been able to put names to most of the faces before now. This has made my family tree research even more satisfying.
It's really hard to emphasize how much of a great experience this was - it doesn't sound it, just looking at an old photograph.... but it's such an excellent picture, so full of life, it almost felt like me and my Dad had spent an evening at a party with our ancestors.

Comment 1

I'm interested! Let's chat about it when I invite myself around for dinner!

Posted by Rob Lang at 2004/01/27 16:51:43.

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