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Family Tree and Office Party

Posted on 2004/01/19 13:31:24 (January 2004).

[Saturday 17th January] Felt a lot better this morning. Awoke to the sound of the postman, and excitedly ran down to check the post. I hardly ever get any post I actually want - usually its just bills and the like. Last Saturday, having found the entry in the GRO indices, I'd been able to request a copy of my Great Great Grandfather's Birth Certificate from the GRO's website. Pleasingly, it turns out his father (my Great Great Great Grandfather) was called John Hawkins too. I then spent some of the day doing more research on the family tree, and updating my family tree pages on the web. I think I managed to find an entry John Hawkins and his wife Marion in the 1901 census - by which time they were in their 60s - which allowed me to add even more detail.
In the evening went along to Chie's company's annual party. Sort of a christmas party, but not actually at Christmas. It was at Wentworth Golf Club. It was very nice, but I did feel a bit like a fish out of water given that I hardly knew anyone there. I guess it was a good demonstration of how Chie must feel when she comes along to my company's christmas do.

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