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Mousaka and Monopoly

Posted on 2004/01/12 13:48:49 (January 2004).

After a fairly uneventful afternoon, yesterday evening me and Chie went to Steve and Michelle's for dinner. Michelle made a vegetarian mousaka which was very nice. Plenty of wine was consumed as you might imagine. After dinner Michelle suggested we play Monopoly, which I dreaded to begin with, but almost started to enjoy after the first hour or so. Chie had never played before, but turned out to be very good at it, even bordering on a bit ruthless. Although in fairness, I did help her out a bit by giving her one of the orange ones, allowing her to complete the set and be the first to develop property. Donald Trump, if I remember correctly, once said he had sat down and did the calculations, which revealed in fact the orange ones provide the best return on your investment. I somewhat regretted having imparted this little nugget to Chie when, towards the end of the game, she bled me more or less dry upon landing on one of her hotels, on the most expensive of the three orange squares. I imagine this is the same mixed feeling of joy and envy felt by any teacher at the point when their students' ability excels their own. A bit like Plato and Aristotle, or something like that.

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