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Starting as I mean to go on...

Posted on 2004/01/02 21:19:11 (January 2004).

[For the 1st of January] OK so my first diary entry is already a day late. Today (which is yesterday as I write) I woke up about 11 or 11:30 with a fairly bad hangover. As my hangovers go, it wasn't the absolute worst (I only threw up once, and it wasn't particularly evil). Recovery was a slow and difficult process, which was helped greatly by Chie. At around 4, when my stomach was first giving me an inckling I might be able to eat something, I told Chie I had a craving for yorkshire puddings. Lo and behold she went into the kitchen and made a trayfull, with only minimal assistance from me. I was very pleased with this. It was one of those trays that fits twelve. I ate ten, Chie had one, and another one seemed to go missing mysteriously in the process of cooking. After the feast of yorkshire puddings, I was on a roll, and managed some leftovers from the previous evening's dinner party (lasagne and garlic bread), and then later on nibbled on tortilla chips which were surprisingly nice, whilst watching Road to Perdition which was a bit miserable. Spent the rest of the evening watching TV, then went to bed.

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