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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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PDA Finally Useful!

Posted on 2003/03/09 11:05:29 (March 2003).

This week I finally got hold of the cable (evocatively titled CE-PCK1) that would allow me to transfer files to/from my PC. It wasn't at all straightforward to set up given that, as always, all the instructions were in Japanese. There was clearly no intention ever that the Zaurus MI-L1 was going to be used outside of Japan. I'm using Windows 2000 at home, and I had to change the default code page to Japanese (which means a reboot) to get the PC side of the software working... Still, after a certain amount of messing about, we did get the PC connection up and running, and I could finally get at all those files stored in the PDA's memory. Including the pictures stored on there, which surprisingly come out as GIFs, so are immediately suitable for the web. I have already uploaded the first article I wrote with it to the main 'maison weblog, which includes a picture I drew using the Zaurus. Also using the cable I was able to transfer some of my photos from my PC to my PDA, which is very cool indeed - it makes a really neat little slideshow pad. Why I can't do this directly with the CompactFlash card though, I don't know. (Perhaps this is possible, and we still have to work it out). Still, at least now I have a decent solution for writing articles whilst on the move...

Comment 1

Rants on the MOVE?! oh no! ;-)

Posted by tom at 2003/03/11 22:30:40.

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