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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Bloody PDA

Posted on 2003/02/01 13:37:02 (February 2003).

Well, the reason I haven't posted here for a while is largely the fault of my PDA. I'd written two entries using that (one on a plane, and one on a train), and thought I would post those before anything else so that the entries didn't get all out of order. However, to my slight frustration I have discovered there's (apparently) no way of getting the files off my PDA onto the PC. I can back up all of the PDA's internal memory to a CompactFlash card, which I can then bung into my PC, and see a load of files. However, they seem to be encrypted or something, oddly - or at least there's no readable text in any of them. Chie seems to think the only way of getting the files off is via the USB cable, which she's very kindly ordered for me. Although I don't wish to sound like I'm doubting her, it would be nice to have a second opinion. If the data written to the CompactFlash card can only ever be read by the PDA itself (which has it's own internal memory anyway), I'm not quite sure what the point is. I've asked for help in various newsgroups and spent ages searching the web but don't seem to be able to get anywhere. My advice? The next time you're considering buying a bit of technology, and people whine on to you about it being cheaper in Japan, just ignore them.

Comment 1

John, if that's a Japanese PDA, could the text files be in Unicode rather than ASCII?

Posted by Mark at 2003/02/05 13:27:42.

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