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Posted on 2003/01/02 24:48:48 (January 2003).

Yesterday the New Year sales started in Japan, and I found an advert in the paper for the Sharp Zaurus MI-L1. There were a limited number (just 20) available for the ludicrously low price of just under 10000 Yen. That's about 50 quid. Somewhat over excited, we sped to the store in question and snapped one up. The features looked fantastic for the price, full colour 240x320 TFT LCD screen, a little built in QWERTY keyboard, and, perhaps most important a CompactFlash slot. I had heavenly visions of a portable version of Photo Studio - I could take the card straight out of my digital camera, and write the comments for my pictures anywhere, anytime. The reality is somewhat different. It's all in Japanese of course. Very Japanese. I really can't work on whats going on at all, and it uses this slightly unwieldy proprietary operating system, not Windows CE as you might have hoped. Oh well, I suppose it's only fifty quid. At least it looks cool.

Comment 1

You arse! At least you got a toy!

Posted by rowanboy at 2003/01/02 14:20:17.

Comment 2

C'mon then John. Photo Studio under Symbian, for the Nokia 7650. Take your pics on the phone, write the comments, generate the HTML files then pull 'em off the Bluetooth shared folder - or use dial-up networking to FTP your webhost and post them directly.

There's plenty huge market for that kind of thing as Shareware on the 7650, could be a nice little earner..

Posted by Mark at 2003/01/06 15:10:02.

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