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Siberian Gold Dust

Posted on 2002/12/21 08:41:35 (December 2002).

Well, the flight wasn't too bad in the end, and I'm in Japan now. I watched three films on the flight - Scooby Doo which I didn't really like, Men In Black 2 which was just about watchable, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which I found surprisingly entertaining. In between I read Round Ireland with a Fridge, by Tony Hawks, which is very good (not quite finished it yet). This is the book David had lent me, but I had forgotten to take with me. So in the end I bought it at the airport. It probably saved me from about 5 hours of boredom, so it was well worth it. In addition I spent some time watching the full moon and a starry sky lighting up Siberia - it was dark, but still a really nice view most of the way. Every now and again there was a little patch of what looked like gold dust. Like most people I don't normally think of streetlights as anything particularly beautiful, but from the air, especially in Siberia where the clusters are so isolated, they look pretty spectacular.

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