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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Posted on 2002/12/03 22:04:48 (December 2002).

I don't know what it is, but I feel really weird today. Like I've become unseated from reality. I had quite a good day at work, got lots of problems sorted out. Towards going home time I was gasping for a beer... Thankfully it seemed a couple of my colleagues were in a similar position and I wandered down to my favourite pub with a couple of the guys from the office. All fairly normal. Towards the end of the time in the pub though, I felt like I was slipping out of existence or something, it was very bizarre. On the way home I chatted for about half an hour in the off license, where I bought an expensive single malt I really didn't need, to a woman from Poland, about how difficult English was. Eventually one of the barmaids from the pub I'd been at turned up randomly, and I felt this bizarre sense of guilt - or something - that prompted me to flee and go home. I have no idea what it was all about, I just feel plain weird today. How odd.

Comment 1

Barmaids are designed to give guilty feelings whenever you meet them anywhere outside the pub. It's built in at the genetic level.

Posted by rowanboy at 2002/12/12 20:33:05.

Comment 2

Please would readers of this site note that John had a Polish great uncle and that John, his mother, father and big brother spent considerable time the other side of a bar when they ran a pub. The pub also displayed 80 different single malt whiskies.

The weird feeling comes of drinking too much, son. Perhaps you had better walk the longer route home round Horseshoe Crescent next time, that doesn't pass the off-licence.

Posted by Mary Hawkins at 2002/12/18 21:56:00.

Comment 3

I hadn't really banked on my Mum reading that... hmmm...

Posted by john at 2002/12/19 12:51:46.

Comment 4

Mental note to self. Avoid swearing in any future articles.

Posted by john at 2002/12/19 12:53:58.

Comment 5

Yeah! But then, I *know* my Dad reads my blog and I don't stop swearing.. but then, it is you *mother*! Hi Mrs. H!

Posted by rowanboy at 2003/01/03 10:33:26.

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