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Look Around You

Posted on 2002/11/22 13:58:33 (November 2002).

Has anyone else seen Look Around You on BBC Two? It's on Thursdays at 21:50, and I love it. It is subtle, understated, but absolutely brilliant - the sort of comedy the BBC seems to do really well. For those who haven't heard of it, it's a kind of spoof 1970s/1980s schools program. Having complained in another article about how TV is aimed at a completely different sector of the population to me, I seem to have stumbled across a program, all be it very short, that must have been made very specifically for my age group and my sense of humour. Last night was only the second time I've seen it, but already it's a firm favourite.
Bits I particularly enjoyed included the opening sequence - A BBC Micro with someone typing in that immortal program: 10 print "Look Around You" 20 goto 10 - how that takes me back! Also bits like "Here's some schoolchildren from St. Heathen's School in Grantham", and particularly the box on the side of the piano containing the additional notes that must never be heard - the "Boite Diabolique". (Write that down in your copy books). Congratulations to whoever came up with the concept for this program - it is marvellous.

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