Not nearly enough pictures from John's trip to Italy.

This here is Lorenzo's sister, at home. She was suprisingly violent.

Lorenzo, playing a guitar whilst on the phone. Note also his girly hairband here. His Italian friends made fun of him a lot over this.

John and one of Lorenzo's cats. Can't recall this cat's name but it may well be simply the Italian word for a female cat.

Lorenzo's other cat - may have been called "Fireball".

Lorenzo outside the door to his mother's appartment.

A really nice view (perhaps not so expertly photographed) out over beautiful Firenze (that's Florence to the less cultural diverse among you).

You can quite clearly see the famous Duomo and (I think) Palazai Vecchio (probably spelt that wrong, anyway, whatever the Italian is for old palace).

This here is Chiara's dog, in Chiara's flat in Florence.

A view from Chiara's family's other home, in Carrara (maybe spelt it wrong) on the coast. Apparently the place is famous for marble.

Hmmm... an attempt to get a picture of the mountains rising up behind Carrara. This is just round the corner from the place that sells Caldi Caldi (warm warm) a bread made from beans (?!), which was utterly delicious.