Beer Festival

During Chiara's stay in the house, we wandered into town trying to find a fun fair we'd thought we'd heard about. In fact, we stumbled across Reading Beer Festival, and it turned into a bit of an all day bender.

Tim, on his way down to, or back from the shower.

Tim, Lorenzo and Chiara, out on the grass at the Beer Festival.

Cheers Tim!

Mmmmmmm Real Ale.

John seems a bit drunk already.

John as seen through a pint glass.

The side of Chiara's head.

Ben, Tim and Martin, in the marquis at the beer festival.

The footbridge to Reading station, in the days before ticket barriers, when this made a convenient shortcut.

Martin, with a beer.

In the Monk's Retreat. Tim reads a book, just to check they're not fake.

John looks a bit odd.

Chiara looks giggly.

Note John's watch here. I think this was eventually trampled to death in the After Dark. Probably for the best.

Ben beaming away, John looking less enthusiastic.

John still looking less than jolly. Not sure why. Lorenzo having to contort almost to get into a picture.

Tim and Chiara, prentending to whisper to make John feel uncomfortable.

John appears to have cheered up slightly. Chiara looks very Roman here.

Oh dear, get that thumb out of the way!

Very typical Tim pose.

Drunkenness must have set in - cigars are being employed.

John practising Tai Chee?

Hmmm, looks a bit suspect to me.

...but this one looks even more suspect!

Tim doing a stirling job of the whole man hugging thing.

Chiara has reverted to giggly mode.

Could have been a very nice picture, but John and Chiara both have strange facial expressions. Well, more so John really.

A very nice picture - despite Lorenzo looking a little glum! Also, look very carefully - is Tim holding someone's hand here?