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[Thursday 23rd December 2010]

Wow more than 2 months since I wrote something on this blog, I cannot complain if nobody reads my posts I guess...

Nothing major happened, work continues to be shite, Christmas is approaching, friends are great as always.

I cannot complain because after the last business trip I managed to stay put here in Italy for a little longer than 3 weeks, and it's really great to be able to spend time here, without having to travel on the other side of the world.

My new house is now almost fully operational, meaning that I now have all my things put in place and all looks ok.

I am happy with the choices that I have made in this 2010, which has been really rather hard both for sentimental and work related points, but I feel that the bricks that I have laid are going to make a better house/life for me.

I think that realization it's the most important point, then afterwards things start to spin in a better way. I am changing a lot of things, a lot of point of views, I am slowly taking care of myself as I wasn't allowing me to do before. Good.
There is still a long way to go but...

So I look at 2011 in a more positive way, hopefully it will be easier than 2010.

Now I have to deal with Christmas, which is an holiday that I don't like, but I am realizing that it's not true.. Actually I love it, I made myself not liking it because I needed some container were to place my disappointment, my negativity, the bad Christmases that I have had in the past when I was a kid and at home things were not as easy as now...

So I am starting to act differently, changes like that do not happen overnight, but I made a small Christmas tree, a gift of a friend, I am looking at the party with my family in a good way...

Let's see where this road is going to take me! :)

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A reminder to Myself

Left and right
Like day and night
That's what makes the world go round
In and out
Thin and stout
That's what makes the world go round

For every up there is a down
For every square there is a round
For every high there is a low
For every to there is a fro
To and fro
Stop and go
That's what makes the world go round

You must set your sights upon the heights
Don't be a mediocrity
Don't just wait and trust to fate
And say, that's how it's meant to be
It's up to you how far you go
If you don't try you'll never know
And so my lad as I've explained
Nothing ventured, nothing gained

You see my boy it's nature's way
Upon the weak the strong ones prey
The human life it's also true
The strong will try to conquer you
That is what you must expect
Unless you use your intellect
Brains and brawn, weak and strong
That's what makes the world go round


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