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Dinner Party
[Saturday 24th November 2007]

Fabio and Luana moved to their new house around one year ago, but saving from some members of the group of friends that we usually hang out with I never managed to see it.

Today they decided to throw in a dinner party, needless to say that of course everyone was speculating on the REAL reason that got them to invite 11 people to their place (and pay for the dinner may I add)... A baby? Twins? A new job?

Well, our malicious minds did not manage to be satisfied because there was really no hidden meaning to the invitation.

Anyways the dinner was marvellous and they really put a good effort to it, they made Gnudi (the filling of Ravioli rolled in flour and boiled), Orecchiette (pasta) and a nice chiken and vegetable stir fry.

We then proceeded to play a game called the GREAT DHALMUTI, a card game that you can play up to 8 people, we had a really good time, laughing and cussing (in a friendly way of course) at each other all night...

Chiara was not with us again, work and thesis taking all her attention at this time, I really hope that she can get done with the Uni work soon, because in the last two months I hardly saw her. This was the only bad point of the evening, for all the rest it ws simply great!

Saturday with a special Guest
[Saturday 17th November 2007]

This Saturday I wasn't too much in the mood to go out at the pub, Chiara was still unavailable due to the thesis that she is trying to write in the midst of a lot of work related difficulties that are keeping her terribly busy (hence we do not see each other a lot).

I felt like going to the cinema, but it seems that the other people wanted to go for a pub drink.

So drinks they were, I went for the mandatory pints of Guinness, plus an Irish coffee, Ivan and Angela came to the pub together with Giulia the little baby that they just had.

Immediately she become the star of the evening, although I think that she would have much rather stay at home to sleep or vomit, since the pub got pretty noisy and crowded soon..

Still it was a good night, chatted a lot and managed to go to the balcony where you can see Florence from the top of Fiesole's hill.

Lovely, I really like Florence a lot! :D
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Family Reunion
[Sunday 18th November 2007]

It must have been a very special day, because after a VERY long time my family (me, My sister, my Dad and Mum) actually spent an afternoon together, on a day that was not a major festivity (see Christmas) or a special day such as my sister's wedding.

The excuse was the fact that my nephew Gabriele was with Alice (my sister) and therefore since she wanted to have a walk around Florence we everyone spontaneously joined.

We went to see a market for antiques (totally boring) and then we walked the streets of the centre of Florence to look around some shops. All in all a nice afternoon.

Then before dinner we separated, Alice wanted to see her friends, so she left my mum with Gabriele and me and my dad went back home.

It was good to see Alice and Gabriele, I never get to spend a lot of time with them (and Rachele the other nephew too), which is a shame, but they live in Sardinia, not exactly around the corner... As for the family bit, it was weird in a way to see all of us together, as nothing had happened (my parents are divorced), but nonetheless if felt nice.

A good Sunday!
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So much to Say
[Wednesday 14th November 2007]

And so I thought that I managed to solve the pressing problems that are restraining my blog writing activities, but it's not like that (unfortunately I would add).

So the work related part must be skipped again.

Private life is not all that great, mostly because Chiara is now back writing her thesis, which means that we do not see each other a lot, actually very little.
Phone relationship I'd describe it, I hope that she can get around writing it because it has been dragging far too long and I am fed up of having to step aside every 3 months when the deadline to present the thesis arrives and she misses it for a reason or another.

The real deal is that she does have a lot of work to do for the hotel, and it's bloody hard to put your head on something that it's terribly boring and useless, but on the other side she doesn't have a great method and this makes things even worse... But she seems on the right path now, so I have good hopes that she can get her degree in January.

Of course seeing little of her doesn't help on the work related problems that I am having, it's good to discuss to the people near you but it's not the same thing as talking about it on the phone.

Knee is fine now, so it was a muscular problem by the looks of it, although I do not trust it 100% and I really need to work on rebuilding muscular mass before I start playing again...

That's all really, my dad is planning to re-marry, I am hapy for him but he decided to have the ceremony on the 22nd of December, before Christmas in Sardinia... Flying there on the weekend before the holidays is going to be hell, and frankly speaking I do not feel like going at all, so now there is that issue to solve as well because he's not happy about me and my sister not going... If only the'd organized it in Florence!

Anyways I am sure that things will work out themselves, not I have to place 100% concentration on the job side of my life... :P

Sorry for being cryptic, I hope I can unveil things soon...

Bank Holiday
[Thursday 1st November]

Technically the "Worker's Holiday", the 1st of November is a very popular bank holiday in Italy. Halloween took place too, it seems that this American festivity is getting more and more popular, sign that globalization (or should I say consumism) is getting stronger by the year.

Anyways, due to the injury at my right knee I decided to stay at home doing nothing, the doctor at the hospital said that I had to rest it and so I did.

Played computer games most of the time, took a break to visit Chiara at her place, then watched some TV programs about how shit things are getting in Italy (actually the situation is really pretty dire).

All in all a pointless day, but every now and then you need something like that I think!

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