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Wednsday 31st August 2005 - Flying to London
Yep, I am going to London tomorrow for a two days business trip. I have to say that I like the idea to be away from the company, as things are getting pretty ugly since the boss came back with all his absurd plans of moving part of the firm to another place (more on that later). I like the front line job, it feels like I have to worry about nothing but what I am paid to do, while in Italy I have to worry about the work of other 10 people, not because they are under my responsibility, but because they don't do their job properly and need every now and then a "reminder"... Oh well.
I have a slight stomach ache, which I hope will be gone tomorrow! Now time to go to bed!
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Monday 29th August 2005 - Boss's back
Yep, my boss is back, but I think that since it was the first day his mood was still pretty good and he didn't create all that psicological havoc that he usually does. The day went past rather quickly, which is good, I still feel like I am going to move back to Florence tomorrow, though it's not true. I don't know if living in this way is actually good, but it keeps me going for now. I badly need some novelty in my life, interesting how I want the outer world to come and present me with some, and it's not me looking for it! I am sure that I'll get out of this state pretty soon, tomorrow I have to call the Hospital to see when surgery is scheduled, let's hope that they can do me quickly because I'd hate to turn down the operation and postpone it for work related reasons. Thing is I could avoid going to Japan if I wanted, but the fact is that I want to go, therefore the sooner the operation the better... I'll keep my finger crossed..
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Sunday 28th August 2005 - Recipe Book
Finally thanks to Tom, I have managed to start that idea of having a sort of "Maison de stuff" recipe book, where I hope that everyone will contribute with their recipes and experiences. I have laready posted two of my own pasta recipes! As for the rest there isn't much to say, the weekend was rather dull, apart from the marvellous victory of my favourite football team (FIORENTINA). Tomorrow it's back at work, I'd better not think about it, as it is something that I am really NOT looking forward to, especially because my boss is back and I can't really stand this guy.
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Friday 26th August 2005 - MP3 Players
Today I have had a quite uneventful day at work, a much dreaded phone call with my boss, and a nice dinner at Paola and Bogio's place. As it was Paola's birthday, Bogio gave her a very cool MP3 player as a present. The gizmo is real nice you can eevn watch movies and pictures on it.
Me and Bogio spent the whole evening trying to sort out some problem that Windows created all of a sudden, but apart from that the machine worked well.

I was thinking about all the money that spins around MP3s and AVI players. Ok, exchange of such files has been branded illegal by the corporate community (hence it is now illegal also for the state), but the amount of money that producers make selling the players is real big.
We should all buy our music to play on I-Pods and so on, but I am sure that whoever first thought at these digital players, must have done it ALSO because illegal MP3s are so widespread.

On one side we have witchhunting and on the other they sell me the Harry Potter (tm) magic wand to perform witchcraft.

Contraddictions? Modern times oximorons?
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6th - 20th August 2005 France and Cote d'Azur
The full account of the two weeks holiday that I have done in Les Issambres together with a group of friends. All in all it has been a very relaxing trip, nothing special, no big surprises (apart from the prices of almost everything in Cote d'aAzur), and a lot of sea/swimming/sun which I badly needed...

Did I mention kilos of meat and liters of beer and wine?...[READ MORE]
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Wednesday 24th August 2005
Nothing much to write about, I am back at work. There is a gazzillion things to be done, most out of my area of competence because related to other markets, but I am coping. I am in a strange mood, as if I am leaving this company tomorrow, which I am not. It's dangerous because I am taking things extremely easy, and since I am NOT leaving yet I should be doing my job properly... Maybe I am still on holiday with my mind.. Oh well. I have bought some jigsaws over the internet through e-bay. It has been my first transaction on the big "E", I am now waiting for the parcel to arrive from America. I have also been toying with the idea of setting up my e-bay business, so that I can leave this shithole. At first it seemed like the best thing to do, then I can see some little and big problems forming up, the biggest one beign the fact that I know nothing of e-bay and auctioning. I'll do more research then we'll see ehat happens!

Holiday diary will be online soon together with the pictures! Have faith!
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Saturday 20th August - Back Home
Today we came back driving from Les Issambres, the trip was not as bad as we thought as there weren't as many cars coming back home as we expected. Still we had to queue a bit in France (ARRRGG thoose French!) and in Italy (this time due to a massive storm that was so strong that prevented me from seeing the street in front of me!!). Now we are back home, with no food, mood is low because the holidays are over and we have to go back to work. Oh I still have two days so I guess I can worry about that later!

Soon I will post all the pictures with the day by day diary of the holidays!
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Lox goes on Holiday
Though I'll try to connect from France there is the strong possibility that I won't be able to update the blog. I'll be back in a fortnight with more pictures and comments about the holidays. Ciao!
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Friday 5th August 2005 - Packing up Again
Packing all day, getting ready for the trip. Did some massive shopping with the other members of the "holiday party". The cashier was so surprised to see three people with three carts full of goods!! We are going to be 12 people so that explains the fair amount of food that we are buying. In the evening last bit of packing, made some mp3 cds for Marta as we are going with her car and the new stereo can play mp3s cds (my present for the new car). I am a bit nervous, I cannot put my finger on what it is, I guess it has to do with yet another trip, and the fact that I don't really feel like spending the holidays with people with kids. All the friends from Vedano are absolutely GREAT, don't get me wrong. It's just different from being with the people you grew up with.. Anyways we'll leave at 6,30 so better go to bed!
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Week 30th July - 4th August - Back home
First of all sorry for not updating but I have had several difficulties linked with my mum's computer blocking every 5 minutes due to a GPU failure. This prevented me from updating day by day, so I'll run a quick account of what I have done during this week. Basically I have been back to Florence, for a long awaited holiday....[READ MORE]
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