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[Saturday 25th April 2009]

I am goddamn nervous, yet another sleepless night spent trying to figure out what new pain I am feeling in this bloody knee that I have got after the operation.

Things seem to get better VERY SLOWLY and that is really a pain in the arse because we have planned to MOVE HOUSE next week and of course I am not going to be able to do it properly.

The moving is also a major source of stress it seems that Chiara and I have got completely different ideas on everything, and this doesn't make the move a smooth process.

Ok gotta stand up now because my leg is calling for more pain, I wish I could see an end to this but so far... :(
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Knee Surgery
[Wednesday 15th April 2009]

Today I got my meniscus surgery at the right knee, the one previously injured where I already got the cruciate ligament reconstruction... Although everything went well, what did not go well is the return at home, where I could not sleep from the pain that I had. Yesterday (Friday 17th) I went to see the surgeon, the knee was really big due to blood and sinovial liquid that poured from the tissues... Well he drained 70cl (almost a wine bottle) of blood from the knee, and on Friday night I managed to sleep at least...

Unfortunately the knee is hurting again this morning (Saturday), it is expected because more liquids will flow into the knee, I am starting to worry that I will have to get it drained again very soon, I cannot afford not to sleep at night, it's really not helping recovery...

With the ligament I had similar problems, so I came to the conclusions that it's my tissues that are not that great at holding after a surgery. This will make recovery longer and more painful, I just hope that it will be over soon..,

The funny thing is that after he took all that blood out I could stand on my legs no problems, which means that once this issue is dealt with rehabilitation should be ok and I should be able to go back to normal...

Oh well, we'll see what happens...
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Easter Holidays
[Saturday 11th - Monday 13th April 2009]

Easter is the kind of holiday that I never manage to pinpoint on the calendar, for two main reasons.

The first is that I do not believe in God and therefore I have never had any interest whatsoever in understanding why it changed every year.

The second is that I actually quite like to dwell in my ignorance as I only realize that I am going to have a free Monday when it's almost Easter and it feels a bit like a "bonus day".

Following the "last minute" feeling to this festivity, on Friday afternoon I decided to go and watch Fiorentina's match at the stadium the following day together with a colleague of mine. The match was quite good, we won (and that makes it good of course!) and the weather was lovely, sunny but not too hot.

In the evening a spot of cinema (this time we went for Punyo the new movie from Myazaki).

Easter Sunday was spent at my dad's house for a traditional lunch, the whole meal was quite great and we also met some relatives of my father's wife that were quite nice people, so all in all the afternoon went pretty nicely and we were back home in time for dinner and some TV.

I have also started my pre-surgery training, to my surprise the whole thing is bloody hard as it's almost 6 months now that I am not doing physical activity. I guess that it's quite normal, but still I cannot hide the uneasy feeling of having to go again to the hospital to be cut up by a surgeon... Oh well, I guess that in 1 month's time I will not think about it anymore and I will enjoy the possibility of doing sport again...

Nothing more to report, on Sunday morning we watched the traditional explosion of the chart in Piazza Duomo in Florence which was quite good and reminded me of how good is this city with all its traditions and history... :P

Birthday Party!
[Saturday 4th April 2009]

I am not fond of birthday parties, I have never been since I was a kid. I never liked all the attention and all the fuss about getting older, probably because in my family I got a lot of attention just to "be" there, as I am the first-born...

Anyways, in recent years due to my travels many birthdays have actually been in Japan or China, and I never actually had the chance to organize anything in Florence. Usually we throw a dinner for the closest friends, a present is brought to life for the occasion and we spend a night together, nothing special mind you, but I quite like that system.

This time, since I am in Florence I decided to call in a birthday dinner, Simone, Gianfranco, Stefano and Federico all joined (the others were away from Florence unfortunately) and we decided to make one of those Thai curries that I bought back from the recent trip at Simone's place.

Since Chiara had already another appointment it turned out that the dinner was a male only thing, which I did not mind at all actually! I love to be with my friends just without girls or the like... :D

So the dinner was all ok, the Thai curry worked out marvellously and we stayed over chatting about different things until 1,30 AM.

I was given a beautiful T-Shirt, that I will hopefully wear pretty soon when the hot season decides to arrive.

As for the rest a great birthday party, just like I like it! :D
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Asia in March
[Tuesday 3rd March - Friday 27th March 2009]

Just a post for the pictures that I did not have enough time to post before... Enjoy! :D

One year older
[Thursday 2nd April 2009]

And this is it, my birthday came exactly 365 days after the last one :D

Now I am 34, as usual nothing changes, or at least nothing feels different, I am still the same idiot that I was before...

There is something new to this birthday, this April looks as if't going to be one of the busiest in my life...

First of all we are moving to a different house. After a very long search and a lot of vetoes from Chiara on all the possible houses that we have seen, we have settled for a rented place again, though I was very keen into buying a place.

The main motives are to be found in the fact that it's a really good time to buy now, loans are pretty cheap, we have enough collateral to grant the bank to give us even good sums. But apparently Chiara was not very happy with that solution in the end, so we are renting again.

The second big point in April is going to be my surgery to the right knee (again), this time it's not going to be a ligament but a more simple meniscus, still is still surgery and it makes me feel quite uneasy about the whole thing. I wil do my blood test on the 7th, let's hope that everything can go smooth...

Lastly a work related problem... Basically for the first time in my life I am forced to do some "mobility", for two days, which is not a lot, but still it's a bad sign about the general health of the company. In Italy we have this thing called "Cassa Integrazione", basically the company can force the workers to take some "days off" with a reduced pay. Normally these periods are much longer and affect pay a lot more than merely two days.
Still, since I have never been in the position before it's a bit of a turn-down, especially as it came right before my birthday.

All the rest is pretty boring, I am finally getting used to being in Italy again, the trip was long and surely took its toll on my health...

Oh well, that's it! Happy birthday to me then! :D

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