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Bus stop
[Tuesday 23rd February 2010]

I must have tweeted it a couple of weeks ago, my life at the moment feels like waiting at a bus stop knowing that buses don't stop there since 1990.

Though the feeling is pretty uneasy and not nice, I am forcing myself to think "positive", so I keep myself busy kind of waiting for things to happen, which is probably the crappiest situation to be in.

Work wise things are no better than before, the more we dig into the latest pay cut that we had to take the more I want to quit. It's a shame that I have to eat and pay the bills otherwise that would be easily done.

My dad is recovering decently I would say, on Thursday he will be sent out of the hospital, if all goes well of course and most importantly if the doctor says it's ok!

In a way the coming trip to Asia (12th of March) will get me out of the routine and all the thoughts that I am having. It will not solve anything, but at least will give me a bit of peace of mind and it will be good to focus on things without all the pollution coming from the situation that we are living at the office right now.

Not much more to say, I might have found a car to buy. It will be a used car as after the one that was kindly stolen from me some time ago I think that I will not buy a new one very any time soon. After all I look at cars just as a mean of transportation, they don't qualify as a status symbol for me, although the rest of the world seems to think differently on this point.
I still have to go and see it, and the pending trip means that I will not get it any time soon, but I look at this chance as maybe the start of some changes.

You never know!

[Saturday 20th February 2010]

I am tired. The past 10 days have been quite eventful, I try to run thoughts through the things that happened and I still feel confused. And tired.

The major fatigue storm came from Frankfurt fair "Ambient", the main happening in terms of fairs for the company that I work for. A lot of people to see, a lot of hands to shake, a lot of things to be said. All in all it was a good show, saving for the fact that the very first day we got news of our wage getting cut of another 8%, due to some shady agreements that trade union representative (all of whom have been promoted/given a lot of benefits since the agreement was signed) made with the management.

Still when you have a client in front of you there is little that you can say or do to complain so we are going to tackle this point when we will be back.

Then on St.Valentine's day Chiara broke her foot, nothing majorly serious but it means 25 days of cast and a lot of troubles, and since that was not enough my father finally got his bladder surgery for a problem that had to be solved, but that means that I also have to go and see him at the hospital.

Fortunately my dad's conditions are now ok, and he started eating and drinking again after the operation.

Add these points up and you will understand why I am terribly knackered, I did not go to work in the last 2 days of the week to go and see my dad, which also means that I have a lot of work that I need to do when I am back as all the fair follow up was not done.

Add up a Fiorentina match against Bayern Munchen that turned into a daylight robbery thanks to the Norwegian referee Ovrebo, and you got the full picture.

Oh well let's hope the weekend will be easier on me!
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The winning goal
[Monday 1st February 2009]

Recently I have started playing football again. Many of you will say that it's completely stupid after having had 2 surgeries at my right knee, but the attraction to this game is stronger than my brain telling me what not to do and eventually I am on the pitch again.

The running, kicking, screaming and all things involved in a football match were, I have to say, dearly missed. I missed scoring goals and dribbling opponents, and why not having fights with defenders (I am a very dirty player I usually provoke...).

Last match was ok I guess but I probably asked too much to the right leg, and I ended up with a little swollen knee and some pain.

After a week things seemed ok and I played again, not overtaxing myself too much, and the pain and swell is still there, unfortunately.

But, and here the totally irresponsible Lorenzo comes out, it was an hell of a game! We won at the very last second with a quite splendid goal scored by myself that went right under the top corner of the goalposts. I think that in my career I never scored such a last ditch goal, I have to admit that it was quite a rush of adrenaline and joy altogether!

Now I am writing with the ice bag over my knee, hoping that it's just some weak muscle that cannot keep the knee in a right position, this is all because I like the game, I like my teammates and I'd like to keep playing for a little longer still...

There will be an end sooner or later, but this time I hope is not because of yet another injury, I think I had already my fair share!! :P

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