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Nightmare from the past
[Thursday 21st February 2008]

I do not feel like writing too much about it, but today I lived a very close match to what happened to me HERE. This time the place of choice is Colombia and the venue a second wedding ceremony to which I cannot attend for work related issues.
More or less the feelings that I am going through are the same as before, I'll write about them later when I manage to collect the things after the storm.

Incidentally reading through the post from June I noticed a comment made by a so called Leyla, which I would have loved to reply if I had seen it sooner.

The comment comes once again from a person that cannot stand the fact that I write personal things on net internet, a point that apparently is shared by other readers that cannot come to terms with the fact that I can express my thoughts in this way.

Well, I am sorry if the post offend someone, or actually I do not give a flying fuck about it, that's the way it is full stop.

The thing that I do not understand is why someone should keep things inside. What is the difference between writing about a day at the park and some feelings that are caused by such and such event?
Why do people refuse to understand that writing about almost everything is also a way to put in discussion the ideas that one thinks are right?
What is so wrong with sharing these moments with other people, even unknown?

I guess I will never know, it's down to the way people are educated I think, and I am not going to criticize a way or another.

Me? I think that with no dialogue comes no growth.

Anyway, the events might shed some light onto a relationship that clearly is far from perfect, I guess it's badly needed...

[Sunday 17th February 2008]

Actually the post should be referred to Friday and Saturday as well. On Friday I had the chance to go out for dinner with Kutsunugi san, Mr. Hwang and Paolo Bini (sales responsible for a textile company in Prato).
Six months ago, I managed to hook up Kutsunugi san with this company (called Bartolini), as they were looking for a good agent in Japan, and surely Kutsunugi san was the right person for the job.
Mr.Hwang was also my agent for the Korean market, so in a way it was a great re-union that I really enjoyed. My relationship with Kutsunugi san is very close, he and Keiko (his wife) are like a second family to me, but also Mr.Hwang is a very close person to me, a sort of older brother, he believed in me from the very first time we met, and for that I will always be grateful.

On Saturday me and Chiara took Kusunugi san and Keiko to a pizza place, it was like going back 2 years ago, when I was working for Ratti, having dinner together telling jokes and everything, it really helped me taking my mind off other issues that are best going untold for the moment.
Still it makes me look back at the time in Ratti with a different eye, if only that company was in Florence I would have probably never left it.

We got talking about studies, and here is the title of the post "Bokkeisai".

Bokke = Stupid
Keisai= Economics

You do the maths... :D

Yes in the end all the Economics that me and Kutsunugi san studied (and also Chiara), was really never used, we got talking how when you are young you are told that they are so incredibly important, and in truth they are to have some doors open in front of you, but generally speaking we all got jobs thanks to skills that we never thought would have make any difference, and that we never learnt.

On Sunday I saw them off to the airport, I am not happy, now that I am writing, I miss times gone, I miss working with them, but the good side is that we see each other, not everything is lost at least!

[Monday 4th January 2008]

And so it was the time for me to ask for a new passport. Even though the new one did not expire it was so full of visas that I needed to get it changed, as there wasn't any more space to stamp more visas.

In a way this means archiving a part, quite long, of my life. The part that saw me moving back to Italy after the U.K.

The part that saw me working up north for the textile company, to which I owe most of the 62 (SIXTY TWO) visas that I have on the passport.

Yeah, I mean the passport was made in 2000 to go to Moroc when I was working for the congress organizing company, and since then, in less than 8 years I have filled the 36 pages that I was allotted. The visas belong to these places:

Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, Moroc, USA.

All in all I could have gone to more places that required a visa!

A quick calculation shows that I have spent 620 hours on a plane (I have calculated an average of 10 hours x visa, having to account the 12 hours trips but also the internal flights), basically 25 days straight spent on a plane.

Quite a lot if you ask me!

I must have spent abroad a lot of time, but that's much more difficult to account, but it must be in the region of 6/8 months in the last 7 years.

Ok then, the new passport will arrive soon, maybe a couple of weeks. I have been given my old one back, which was nice as it's full of memories, like the time I LOST it in Japan...

Let's see how long it will last, I think that if I keep up with this schedule it will expire before the expiry date again!!! :D


Fabio and Camilla get Married
[Saturday 26th January 2008]

I have only met Fabio and Camilla recently, I think the first time was somewhere around September of last year, at their place, to discuss about their honeymoon. (they are going to take some friends to Colombia, unfortuntely for work related matters I will not be able to join...)

Camilla is one of Chiara's best friends, and it was no surprise to me when Chiara told me that she was picked to be the "best woman" (or witness as we call it here), for the ceremony.

Fabio and Cami are really great people, even if I don't know them from a long time there was that little something that clicked and that makes you feel at ease even if you never met before.

The ceremony was going to be held at Palazzo Vecchio, in the Red Room, some of you might remember that my friend Matteo got married there as well.
Funnily enough Matteo's wife is from Colombia, just like Camilla... So far two weddings in the Red Room and two Italo-Colombian couples... That's rare I think!

Anyways the ceremony was quite nice, the official this time didn' poil everything with strange comments (as it happened with Matteo), and we were off to the restaurant.

Now, wedding receptions are not known for their grandeur in terms of food, mostly because it takes a very skilled crew of cooks to cater for large people, managing to serve hot and most importantly well cooked dishes to everyone.
I think that there must have been at least 50/60 people at this receptions, but I have to say that it has been by far the best I have been to, the food arrived always perfectly cooked at all tables, and the menu was really really great.

So we ate, sang, tried to get the bride and groom drunk several times, I was also at a table with very nice people and we went along very well chatting away, all in all a marvellous experience, considering that I knew Chiara, Cami and Fabio only...

Around 6ish we were going back home, a great day indeed!

ALL THE BEST FABIO AND CAMILLA!!! (and sorry for not joining you on the wedding trip...)

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