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New Year
[Tuesday 4th January 2011]

New Year, lots of things going on.

Before I venture into my usual ramblings, I wish you all readers (the few that remained) a great 2011.

At the time of my writing I am feeling a bit strange, I am typing from a travel agency, pretending to be a member of the staff while in reality waiting for my friend, who's the owner, to finish his real job.

I guess that if I have to point a finger on a mood, today that would be... a bit nervous.

Changing the way you have been for a long time is hard, especially because it requires a lot of courage in pushing yourself into doing things that before you were not doing.
I guess that tonight I will see where this little "new deal" will take me, but to make a long story short I am starting, VERY MILDLY, to speak out and say when things are not to my liking.
In the past, in order to avoid confrontation, I would probably let things go, but I don't think that it's a good thing anymore, as sooner or later those issues will come and catch you coming out in a more abrupt and violent way.

To me here comes the hard part.
I find it hard to speak out to people that are close to me because I am scared of loosing them. I think that when you care about a relationship there is a certain point of "bearing" that you must endure, it's impossible to have things every time the way you want it.
But the point is: where is the threshold? Is it worthy to keep things in to save a relationship when the behaviour of that person, or his/her ideas, are not good for you and maybe even hurt you at times?

The new year begins with some major questions, some old one remain hanging in the air and I hope that at least in 2011 we can settle a couple of those.
On the other side, I am quite happy of the developments that I have had in my personal life since May, so at least the major decisions taken back then are resulting to be good ones.

Touch wood and finger crossed, let's hope that this year will be an improvement compared to 2010, if there is anything that I'd like to ask to 2011 it would be more stability both in my private life and work...

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A reminder to Myself

Left and right
Like day and night
That's what makes the world go round
In and out
Thin and stout
That's what makes the world go round

For every up there is a down
For every square there is a round
For every high there is a low
For every to there is a fro
To and fro
Stop and go
That's what makes the world go round

You must set your sights upon the heights
Don't be a mediocrity
Don't just wait and trust to fate
And say, that's how it's meant to be
It's up to you how far you go
If you don't try you'll never know
And so my lad as I've explained
Nothing ventured, nothing gained

You see my boy it's nature's way
Upon the weak the strong ones prey
The human life it's also true
The strong will try to conquer you
That is what you must expect
Unless you use your intellect
Brains and brawn, weak and strong
That's what makes the world go round


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