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On Australia

Posted on 2011/05/15 12:09:55 (May 2011).

[Sunday 15th May 2011]

So you might wonder how Australia really is.

Well to be honest I couldn't tell you as I know this place very little, but I certainly can give you my opinions.

Australians are rather friendly and laid back people, I like the fact that there seems to be a lot of politeness going around and lots of people smiling, it makes things a lot smoother and nicer even if you are having a bad day.

Melbourne has some "spirit" to it, I like it better than Sydney, although Sydney gets incredible views and panorama. Don't get me wrong also Sydney is great, but Melbourne is the place where I would live.
The guys here say that "Melbourne is the woman you marry, while Sydney is the one you have an affair with", I have to say that it's quite close to how I see these two cities.

Weather in the winter, which is when I visited, is quite crap, but it's winter after all. The fact that gets me is this image that I have of Australia, always sunny and hot… Well that's a total misleading image, certainly it doesn't get terribly cold like in Europe but they get a cold winter here too, I even had to buy a hat!

Food has been great, under that point of view it reminds me of New York, there's a lot of selection, Ozzie wines are great and the several restaurants/bars are really well presented and there are a lot of places with great atmosphere. I'd have to say that the latest bit is more consistent in Melbourne rather than Sydney, but I have only explored the CBD of these two cities.

So far that's all, needless to say that I like it here, it could be a country where I could happily live...

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