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Posted on 2011/03/27 10:07:46 (March 2011).

[Sunday 27th March 2011]

In a week, more or less it's going to be my birthday. This is the first thought that sprang into my mind today, probably because I am away thousands of miles from where the birthday is going to take place and therefore preparations are somewhat difficult to do.

Strangely I feel like I want to have some sort of dinner/drinks related encounter with as many friends as I can call, normally I do not like birthdays, especially my birthdays, but this time it's different.

Do not ask me why, it just is.

In the meantime I am in Bangkok, spent the second day of the weekend wandering around the city, went to the Weekend Market (Chatuchak Market) for some souvenirs and spices shopping, now I am in search of a Jinbei (cotton Kimono) for my culinary nights (the sushi nights) and another outfit for the massage classes that I am taking.

I know what you are all thinking...
No. No prostitutes for me, it's quite a turn down to have to go with the clients, by myself is totally out of question, no matter how much I'd need to get laid...

Still Thailand is a great place, certainly after Japan is my favourite country here in Asia. I love the people, the food, the fact that there are still areas that are not "civilized" fully and you can still see how Thailand used to be... It seems more real than other places that I have visited...

Ok time to get ready for the evening... Tonight I want to try some more Thai food!

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Posted by TheappilaFluh at 2011/11/06 10:09:50.

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Cogratulations on your new beautiful baby boy!!!How esepaiclly wonderful that he was born on Sarah's mom's birthday. What a sweet, caring person to share a birthday with!God's blessings on your growing family!Lots of Love in Christ!Karla (and Matt, Jacob, Zachary, Abigail, Joshua, and EmilyP.S. I don't know how tall she was compared to now, but Oh my golly does she look like Sarah! Almost freaky but wonderful!!! :)

Posted by Susana at 2012/09/23 07:06:49.

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