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Chiu Chow

Posted on 2011/03/23 21:13:15 (March 2011).

[Wednesday 23rd March 2011]

In Hong Kong again for the first business trip of 2011, love this city it's yet another place where I could live, if I didn't want to stay in Florence that is.

Today I have had a rather interesting culinary experience, Mr.Lin, one of our clients took me to a very interesting restaurant. Rather than a "restaurant" I should say "type of cuisine" as this time we went for Chiu Chow dishes and not the traditional Cantonese specialities.

We had the usual various array of courses so it' quite hard to describe them all, but the fish was superb and I especially liked the sauces that accompanied every dish, apparently the last one being a feature of this regional cuisine.

Of course to strengthen the rule that wants a foreigner to fall for very simple mistakes and do very embarrassing things, unlike the past ELEVEN YEARS when asked what I wanted to eat I actually did make a request.

Well it turn out that that dish, that I thought was a sort of "standard" dish in China, it's not that standard for Chiu Chow and they didn't have it. Of course the waiter got all sad because the only dish that I have ordered wasn't on the menu, my client felt quite disappointed at my taste (they are friends so we joked about this issue), and eventually they did make what I wanted especially for me, thus making me feel really ashamed!!

Oh well, a litte spice doesn't ruin the experience, makes it better if anything!

Tomorrow night market and Aqua...

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