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Q1 2011

Posted on 2011/03/16 16:43:00 (March 2011).

[Wednesday 16th March 2011]

If I was a PLC company I would have to look at the way each quarter is closed and start drawing prospectives for the following periods.

Well, Q1 (Jan-Mar) has been rather disappointing, not to say quite disastrous.

Love life went pear-shaped once more, I think I have wrote far too much before so I will not venture myself in that again, but I still suffer of what happened, that is for sure.

Work has been rather shite, my main client got done for tax evasion (something that I could not really foresee), and now I find myself with 1/3rd of total turnover gone and very little ideas on how to get it back on board.

Still on the work side what happened in Japan comments itself, my second market is on the verge of nuclear catastrophe...

But more importantly than the business side there is the fact that in Japan I have so many friends, some of them are almost like family to me. Needless to say that I am really worried, to see that 20K people have gone missing, lots of people are dead, nuclear plants close to meltdown and shortage of food...

House-wise I have tried to make an offer for a decent property that I found but so far I didn't get any reply, I have worked really hard in these 2 months to see as many places as possible, but I found only one that was half decent to make an offer on... Need to start looking again, but even there I wish I can find one soon, so that I can move onto other aspects of my life that need some serious changing.

Poisitives: Started a Shiatsu massage course, will take 3 years but it's something that I wanted to do, and started collaborating with a friend organising and cooking sushi and other Japanese things for some bars around the Florence area.

I hope Q2 will be an improvement, really badly need it...

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