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How small

Posted on 2011/03/11 22:13:44 (March 2011).

[Friday 11th March 2011]

How small are my woes compared to what happened today...

Woke up rather early, lots of things to do in this Friday that I took off work. Normally by 8.30 AM I have already checked all internet newspapers, read all mails and so on, but not today.

It was the new chains of slavery (read: Blackberry), that my company kindly decided to give me, that completely changed my day.

I got a mail from Marta, asking me if I was in Japan...

Kind of strange thing to ask, at 8.00 in the morning...

Replied that I wasn't in Japan, but I asked her why she wanted to know.

The reply is what you can imagine, "have you seen what happened!?"

Now I was about to get out to go and see the doctor, already late, switched on the computer and saw the disaster that struck my beloved Japan...

Of course my mind rushed to Kutsunugi san, my agents at the present company, my friends and host family.

It was kind of strange to get for the two following hours the "busy tone" on each and every mobile phone in Japan that I have tried to call...

Then finally people started to reply to my calls, and everyone seems to be fine, but I really swear that for a good couple of hours I was considering hopping on a plane and go there...

In the end the cataclysm that hit Japan will eventually be solved (I hope), and now that I am back home all my woes seem so small compared to the thousands of victims that died in the tsunami and earthquake.

Fortunately Japan is a very organized country, if something like that happened in Pizzaland I think that the victims would be not less than millions...

Oh well, let's hope that things do not get worse,


Comment 1

Hi Lox,

Do you have any news from Noemi San? Is she ok?

Posted by Federico at 2011/03/12 00:11:39.

Comment 2

Fede:Not yet, waiting for a mail in reply also from the travel agency guys and my host family... :(

Posted by Lox at 2011/03/12 07:27:46.

Comment 3

Hi! i'm Re-twit you post: to my @kwudofui twitter

Posted by TheappilaFluh at 2011/11/10 18:31:03.

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