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Let there be light!

Posted on 2010/07/31 16:06:45 (July 2010).

[Saturday 31st August 2010]

I am in Singapore, leaving tomorrow morning at 4 AM to Japan. Together with me there is a colleague of mine, Katia, who works in the Design/Marketing department, more Design oriented as she makes all the "visual products" that we make.

It's great to be with someone, but it's doubly great to be with someone that is actually really nice and we can laugh and chat in a very "easy" way. Before any of you perverts think of it, she is happily engaged with a Fire-fighter so let's stop all the wanderings there...

Going back to this part of the trip, spirits are certainly on the rise, and also the hardest part of the business (China) is over, so despite being stressed for the things that don't work in our company, at least the heart is not as heavy as before.

Talking tonight with Katia she told me that she couldn't find the way to switch off the air conditioning last night... The switch was on the night-stand and any experienced traveller, I mean "experienced of business trip travel", will find it our immediately... She didn't, poor thing, and kept waking up to put up the temperature or to put it down if it was too hot!! I still can't stop laughing thinking about the scene...

Apparently she couldn't find a way to switch off the lights either! But I was too busy laughing to ask her how she eventually did it...

So in a way all these trips ARE giving me "something". I guess that I could probably live without all the little tricks that I use when I am in these kind of hotels, but I guess that it makes my life a lot easier and better when I am trapped in these 4/5 stars prisons.

Tomorrow Japan, and still 4 weeks to go till the end of the trip. I want to be back soon, I want to take care of my life, but now it feels like I need to go through more pondering and more reflections before I am ready to start something new... Let's hope this trip will help me in finding "me" again, like it happened a long time ago, when Claire decided to dump me and I spent a considerable time with John going around England...

Comment 1

Glad things are "on the up" Lox! Your spirits do indeed seem higher.

I don't remember you mentioning Claire before - you must be thinking back a long way now.

I like the line about 4/5-star prisons. Yes, it has always seemed this way to me. Ok, it's a luxury to travel this way, but unless you are an experienced traveller, like yourself, you can fall prey to so much - like the fact that almost everything cost extra!!! I remember panicking on our last trip when my son was all ready to connect to the Internet using the room TV - I had to point out the exorbitant cost this would invoke!! :-D

Posted by Nigel at 2010/08/01 17:45:19.

Comment 2

Nigel: Yes let's say that the road to "full recovery" is still long, but at least I have started to walk on it.
Claire was my British girlfriend, part of the reason why I decided to leave Italy to come to the UK. A rather important person for me although we were young and probably the relationship could have been much better than it was.
After we broke up I went through a rather terrible period, John helped me quite a lot, then I left for Japan.

As to travel I have indeed a rather big experience that helps me in not making simple mistakes (i.e. being ripped off), or similar things. I am realizing it now that I see my colleague. Oh well, I got something in the end from all my endeavours!

Posted by Lox at 2010/08/02 00:45:16.

Comment 3

That's what friends are for Lox!

Posted by John at 2010/08/02 13:34:56.

Comment 4

..."still 4 weeks to go till the end of the trip"...
No, I don't agree with this line, your annoying business trip will be over in 2 weeks only.
Ok, you are right, guiding a group of tourists is not exactly the same as BEING a tourist and going around in complete freedom... but, anyway, it will be also completely different from a normal business trip.
I suggest you to try and enjoy the last two weeks of your Asian Tour; in case of difficulties, just physically eliminate 5-6 tourists and everything will turn OK (Kyushu volcanoes are perfect for that, not to mention getting too close to Beppu Hells)!

Ciao Merda! (everyone will understand this...)

Posted by Franz at 2010/08/02 14:44:47.

Comment 5

John: :) I will never thank you enough :)

Franz: Well I didn't think about Aso san before, but that could be a solution if some annoying people come by... Oh well, it is true, the B.trip will be over on the 15th more or less, that is quite positive. So in a way the whole thing will be a downhill stroll, if nothing happens to the group, but that is something that there is no meaning in worrying about :)

Posted by Lox at 2010/08/02 16:48:46.

Comment 6

Who are you calling pervert? Mmm?

Posted by Sheri at 2010/08/30 20:11:41.

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