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Wrapping things up in China

Posted on 2010/07/27 01:55:50 (July 2010).

[Tuesday 2th July 2010]

Sitting here in front of my mac, at 8.30 AM, already had a spot of breakfast, waiting to go to work again.
Fortunately we arrived at the end of the trip in China, so this is the last day where I will have to get drunk at night, I am a bit empty. Or better, I feel a bit empty.

Maybe is because the company where I work is in a bad condition and all the efforts that I am doing seem a bit pointless. Maybe is because I am tired of this life, and after only 1 week of work I am already letting things go. Maybe is that I didn't sleep properly, as usual, though I suspect that after 1 week jetlag is going to be sorted soon.

The good news is that my bag is back, which means that now I have all my clothes, plus some extra, that I have bought along the way. In the end it was quite hard to manage all the shopping and meeting clients, but at least my old stuff is still there, which is important!

Then tomorrow I am going to meet Katia, my colleague from marketing in Hong Kong, she's travelling to Asia together with me because we have a project to develop for the point of sale development, which is going to be interesting to do of course.

Apart from that I am already looking forward to the end of this trip, I want to be able to do sport, I want to be able to sleep in my bed, I want to be able to be with the people I really want to be with.

I have been brought up burdened of responsibilities that probably I shouldn't have had for my age, not that this is a problem mind you, but this story that "acceptance and deprivation" is synonymous of "grown up, responsible" doesn't stick to me anymore.
This seems more and more a story that people tell themselves to sweeten a pill that otherwise would be quite bitter.

So in the end we accept not being happy with things because "that's the way grown ups should do, or accept or whatever". And we don't change.

Rebellion for rebellion' sake is pointless, there is a certain degree of acceptance that needs to be considered if you want to live into society, but it cannot be 100% from one side. I want to try to change how things are, maybe I will fail miserably, but at least I want to give it a shot.

Shame that I have to wait till I get back, in the meantime I'll work on my mind!

Now time to go, work awaits me.

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